Exploring the Third Wave of Computing and 2023 trend in platform engineering.

November 2022

Is the WebAssembly next big thing?

July 2022

DevOps and Cloud Trends 2022, Inside webassembly and usecases, a talk - magic of platforms and few interesting projects from cloud native ecosystem
As per the CNCF survey of 2021, about 96% of organizations are currently using or evaluating Kubernetes. The ecosystem is growing at a high pace and it…

June 2022

Let's look into Cloud Cost optimisation and Governance in this post.

May 2022

This week we will look into Kubernetes Gateway API, Kubernetes GOAT project and some recent cloud announcements.

April 2022

Understand How Kubernetes API works? What is a descheduler and why do you need one? Some new replacements to popular linux commands and more.

March 2022

Patterns of Distributed Systems, Holistic view on infrastructure when you start a new project as consultant, Some critical vulnerabilities in container…
What is beyond Kubernetes in 2022.
A cybersecurity incident can cause severe damage to the reputation of the organization and competitive disadvantage in the market, the imposition of…
Changing Gears — Shifting from being a DBA to a Cloud-Native Architect For a long time, I wanted to share my story with everyone. So finally, I got some…

February 2022

Hi, Apologies, last week. I couldn’t publish the newsletter. This week, I am launching a community on Twitter dedicated to Kubernetes and related…